Supports for Internationally Educated Nurses

Past Webinars - Recordings and Presentations

INA Webinar 3 - Final
IEN Webinar 2 - Recording (1).mov
INA April 11 Webinar Recording - Nursing Registration in Canada- Overview of the Process for International Educated Nurses.mp4
IEN Webinar:CARE - Becoming a Nurse in Canada.mp4
IEN Webinar - April 26th .pptx
IEN Webinar June 28th - Preparing to Practice Nursing in Canada.mp4
IEN Webinar August 20th - Journeys and Successes.mp4

Resources - CARE, Health Force Matching Portal

CARE Centre INA Presentation 26 Apr 2020 Slide Deck.pdf
STARS Digital Flyer.pdf
PASS Digital Flyer.pdf


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