“History shows many examples of how a Community, working together, its members backing each other up and operating as a Community, can develop and influence in excess of what would normally or otherwise have been impossible.

I believe that partnerships and Alliances can take place at all levels: between professionals engaged in similar or complementary areas of work, or between businesses or even between institutions…”

Prince Amyn Aga Khan

Ismaili Economic Forum, Dubai 2008

Ismaili Nurses Alliance

The Alliance supports and connects Ismaili Nurses, providing a platform for networking, skill development, and sharing knowledge and resources.


The Ismaili Nurses Alliance endeavours to support all Ismaili Nurses, including those who are:

- Registered in Ontario, regardless of type or level of employment, practicing, not practicing or retired.

- Aspiring to be registered in Ontario, including students and internationally educated nurses.

As a collective, the Alliance promotes the full participation of its members and through collaboration with others, its mission lies in improving the health of the Ismaili Jamat and the community at large.